What can I expect after I have my braces put on? Will it hurt?

What can I expect after I have my braces put on? Will it hurt?

The most common question we hear from patients is will braces hurt?  Rest assured that the process of putting the braces onto your teeth does not hurt – we simply glue to brackets to the teeth.  However, it is normal to experience some discomfort and pressure on the teeth about 4 hours after the wires have been placed as the teeth begin to move.

This mild discomfort generally lasts less than a week and you can take regular analgesics to relieve any pain.  To further minimise any discomfort, we also recommend that you eat soft foods such as pasta, rice and soup as you are getting used to the braces.

After the braces have been put on, you may also find it harder to talk and that you salivate more.  This is all normal and everything will improve over the next few days as you practice talking with the braces on.

Sometimes the braces can rub against the inside of your lips and cheeks and cause irritation or sore sports.  To prevent this, you can apply orthodontic wax over the brackets.  If you have any mouth ulcers, it is useful to rinse with warm salt-water to help them heal.

An important thing to remember with braces is that any discomfort that you experience is only temporary and can be easily managed.  Most importantly, you can always contact the clinic if you are unsure of anything or need any further support.

Written by Sher Fong.

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