What is the difference between an orthodontist and dentist?

What is the difference between an orthodontist and dentist?


The quality of our smile can have a big impact on our lives. Research shows that adults and children with straight teeth demonstrate higher self-esteem and confidence.

Orthodontists and dentists work in different ways to help improve your overall oral health. A misconception in dentistry is that dentists and orthodontists are the same. In reality, they are actually very different.

So, what is the difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist?

Dentists complete a general dental degree and treat a broad range of dental issues. They diagnose and treat dental problems and diseases that affect the teeth, mouth and gums. They do not have specialised training in aligning teeth and correcting your bite.

Orthodontists are qualified dentists who have undertaken an additional three years of full time University training, exclusively in orthodontics. Orthodontists are dental specialists that are trained in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of facial and dental irregularities. Orthodontists are specialists in creating aesthetic, functional and harmonious smiles for patients of all ages.

When it comes to improving your smile, trust your smile to a specialist orthodontist!

Author – Sher Fong

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